The Rise features three parks, including a five-acre signature park designed around the iconic, heritage listed Moreton Bay Fig tree on the hill. Landscaped walking paths, elevated boardwalks, a children's playground and generous open spaces create an environment in which to relax and unwind - all on your doorstep.

To help protect this beautiful environment, The Rise incorporates a range of sustainability initiatives, including:

Energy efficient public lighting – reducing energy consumption by 48% and saving 17,000 kWh and 24 tonnes of greenhouse emissions annually.
Environmental wetland - computer designed to naturally filter stormwater.
Mandatory rainwater tanks in all dwellings - projected to save over 10 million litres of drinking water each year, as well as reducing stormwater runoff.
A welcome gift of 30 indigenous seedlings for each home owner.
A range of lot sizes to encourage a diverse community.
Promotion of rebates for solar hot water and the availability of “green energy” from energy retailers.
Design guidelines encouraging a high standard of built form, with an emphasis on contemporary Australian architecture, articulated elevations and solar-efficient design.
Excellent solar orientation of housing lots.
Well connected street layout avoiding courts to reduce average trip lengths.
Proximity to rail transport, and pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly urban design to encourage healthy alternatives to the use of private vehicles.
Controls on plant species recognised as environmental weeds.
Building envelopes on lots with existing remnant trees.
High speed Internet access to encourage home-based work.
Extensive revegetation with indigenous plant species.

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Download the guide to recognising environmental weeds.

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